Thursday, May 14, 2015

Perfectly Patriotic Treats for Memorial Day!

The daffodils and tulips are popping up everywhere and the weather is getting warmer day by day. That means family gatherings and Memorial Day celebrations are just around the corner. Dr. John’s has the perfect sugar free treat for your picnics and celebrations - our Proudly Patriotic Lollipops!

These popular
summertime treats are red, white and blue, but these sweet treats even better than ever.  Our new Inspired Sweets® line of candies are made without artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, so you can wave goodbye to artificial red and blue dyes!

You can feel great about sharing this tooth-friendly, kosher candy with your kids at a parade or a day at the zoo. Bring these smooth, cherry vanilla flavored lollipops, inspired by the colors of America, with you wherever you go and enjoy a delicious treat, sans sugar!

Kids of all ages love our sweet xylitol lollipops, and the Proudly Patriotic Lollipops are the perfect treat for just about everyone! Infused with a gram of natural birch xylitol, made in the USA, our suckers may provide positive dental health benefits, too. They’re also gluten free and dairy free – so just about anyone can enjoy these delectable, guilt-free treats!

Dr. John’s Proudly Patriotic Lollipops are perfect Memorial Day and 4th of July celebrations – but their amazing flavor and lack of sugar means that you’ll be reaching for them year round! Now available in 3.8 oz., 1 lb. and 2.5 lb resealable pouches.

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