Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chew Your Way to a Healthier Mouth with Fruit Punch Gum!

Browse the shelves of any grocery store, convenience store or pharmacy, and you’ll find plenty of sugar-free chewing gum choices. You’ll even find some products with xylitol. But none of these products make a truly healthy alternative to sugared gum. Most gums rely on artificial sweeteners – and those that do contain xylitol typically offer such an insignificant amount of it that they must include other artificial sweeteners. 

At Dr. John’s, we specialize in providing the healthiest possible alternatives to conventional candy, gym and sweeteners – our line of xylitol products is growing all the time to provide our customers with more alternatives and making it easier for them to not only avoid sugar in their diets, but to get the full benefits of xylitol. And we’re proud to re-introduce one of our favorite products – a truly delicious sugar-free gum offering the juicy flavor of fruit punch with a large dose of xylitol, without aspartame or other artificial sweeteners. 

Dr. John’s Simply Xylitol Fruit Punch Gum makes the perfect treat for kids and adults alike. Each piece of this delicious xylitol gum, infused with the classic flavor of fruit punch, contains .9 grams of xylitol Our Fruit Punch gum is sweetened only with 100% birch xylitol from the United States –and absolutely no artificial sweeteners. It’s never been easier to meet the requirements of the Simply Xylitol plan and enjoy the many benefits of xylitol.

From those looking for a sugar-free treat for their children to those looking for a dry mouth gum that helps alleviate the symptoms of Sjögren's syndrome or the dry mouth side effect of many medications, to diabetics looking for a quick fruit-flavored treat on the go – our Simply Xylitol Fruit Punch gum is a favorite of many of our customers, and we’re proud to re-introduce this member of the Simply Xylitol family of products. 

A delicious gum without aspartame, sugar or artificial sweeteners – Dr. John’s Simply Xylitol Fruit Punch gum delivers big juicy flavor, big doses of healthy xylitol, with only 5 calories for 2 pieces, and absolutely no artificial sweeteners. Enjoy this amazing fruit punch gum today!


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