Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Importance of Making “Me-Time”

We live in a fast-pace society where we put high expectations on ourselves, especially women.  There is an attitude that we must “do it all”. We have a family, career, spouse, and are involved in organizations and activities, some we may not even enjoy.  People rarely feel they can take breaks out of their schedule, and feel guilty when they do.  Taking well-deserved “me-time” is nothing to feel guilty about.  In fact, it is critical to managing stress, being well-rested, and will make you a better spouse, parent, friend, and overall person.

Finding “Me-Time”

You don't need tons of time, but shoot for 30 minutes daily to start.  If you can have even more, that's great. It is wise to schedule the time for yourself, like you would any other important appointment.  If you can't find it all at once, that's OK.  Break it up throughout the day into increments of 15, 10, or even 5 minutes.  Some people prefer this time be completely alone.  Others like to take the time to reconnect with loved ones.  Either way is fine, as long as it is doing an activity that truly makes you happy, and not serving someone else.

Taking “Alone Time” 

If you choose to spend time alone, you give yourself the 

opportunity to rest, or to find what makes you feel alive and happy.  You can use this time to focus on your creativity.  Maybe this means writing that novel you've had locked away in your mind for years.  Perhaps you work on that quilt you started, or visit the museum again for the first time in a decade.  Maybe you want to take a stroll outside while you listen to your favorite song or escape and enjoy a massage.

Solace is an excellent time to engage in meditation, which is known to help us de-stress and improve focus. Our culture encourages us to push forward constantly.  By slowing down and reflecting inward, we can tend to our own soul, and problems that have been nagging at us.  Our inner struggles can manifest themselves in the form of physical ailments, which clear up as the difficulty is dealt with.  Without “me-time” to address them, they would fester and get worse.

Connecting During “Me-Time”

“Me-time” can be more than “me”.  You can use the time you have carved out to connect with someone you are comfortable with and makes you feel good.  Call a friend simply to chat, and that is all.  Don't make work related calls or try to tie up loose ends on a project.  Find someone whose company and conversation you enjoy, and that you can talk to without any agenda.

Benefits of “Me-Time”

Once you get in the habit of finding “me-time”, you will begin to appreciate and value yourself more.  You will realize how much you deserve happiness as much as everyone you've been taking care of and working for does.  The levels of stress in your life will lower, as you find it easier to deal with everyday ups and downs as they are thrown at you. When you do things-even the smallest-for yourself, you will discover more confidence, patience, better health, relaxation, and become a happier, more loving person.  This is the best service you can do for yourself and those around you.  

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