Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sugar Free Treats for Your Sweetheart

There’s no gift more associated with Valentine’s Day  than chocolates. In 2009, more than 58 million pounds of chocolate was sold the week of Valentine’s Day – only being topped by Easter and Halloween! Chocolate became associated with romance during the period of the Aztecs. The concept of heart-shaped boxes emerged in the 1840s, when Cadbury introduced the boxes, making the gift of chocolates two presents in one – the box was considered a way to store love letters, trinkets and more..

According to, a survey conducted by the Chocolate Manufacturers Association showed that 50 percent of women are likely give a gift of chocolate to a guy for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, not everyone can indulge in Valentine’s Day chocolate. For those with diabetes or sensitivities to sugar, chocolate indulgence is limited to sugar-free varieties which often lack richness and flavor. Other dietary restrictions such as Celiac disease and religious guidelines can limit the treats that you can enjoy on Cupid’s day. And as delicious as chocolate is, it often packs excessive amounts of sugar, derailing diets and causing dental decay – definitely not something you want to wish on your loved one!

Dr. John’s offers the perfect chocolate treat for the one you adore – now, you don’t have to settle for sugar-packed chocolates or bland sugar-free chocolates with artificial sweeteners. The new DecaDENTS line delivers real, rich chocolate flavor combined with crunchy nuts, mouthwatering fruit fillings, and more! These gluten free, sugar free, kosher chocolate treats are not only delicious, but come in a gold box – making them the perfect present for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day!

The DecaDENTS line offers something for every taste. Choose from dark chocolate with almonds, raspberry or orange; or dark chocolate wrapped sea salt caramel, pecan turtles, milk chocolate filled with  peanut butter, flavorful coconut, crisp toffee, and more! Shop our xylitol chocolate selection to see the full range, and choose a flavor that’s sure to make your sweetheart swoon.

You don’t have to choose between sugary chocolates and sugar free ones that lack flavor – with Dr. John’s you not only get great flavor without the sugar, but a healthy dose of xylitol to improve oral health! It’s the ultimate way to show how much you care this Valentine’s Day; and express delivery is available ensuring your chocolates arrive fresh.

You can learn more about the history of Valentine’s Day chocolate at or check out Delish for more Valentine’s Day chocolate knowledge.

Just for Fun: Test your knowledge of Valetines treats with an “Eat-Q Test: Valentine's Day Candy” available at


  1. banning certain foods is really stupid. ya know, coffee contains caffeine, as does tea, and caffein is harmful to young bodies... guess they need ban that too! Oh, I am a diabetic and I know that most sugarfree sodas will raise my blood sugar, so forget that myth. If the blood sugar is raised, the fat storage hormone, insulin, is also increased and the body then stores it's calories as fat.

    Oh, by the way, as I learned from the writes who write my essay for me, caronated drinks (including waters, wines, etc.) all contain carbonation which turns into carbonic acid. That is why if you are subject to UTIs you should never drink anything that is carbonated. It also eats away the enamel, as the article mentions (and it causes the urinary track to become an open sore from the acid, thereby becoming open to infection).

    The point is that banning any drink, whether soda pop, tea, coffee or alcohol does not work, as they discovered with Prohibition... don't work folks, you can't be a Nanny state to the country and think that will work. I mean, we already tried this "experiment" and found it did not work but did cause crime. How long till they would have a black market on sugary things like they did on alcohol???? Not improbable ya know.

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