Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sugarless Christmas Treats

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are over and Christmas is just around the corner. Once the turkey and pumpkin pie have been finished off, we turn our attention to holiday shopping, putting up the tree, and preparing for a whole variety of holiday festivities.

This is also a time that we tend to go overboard on sweet treats – all those holiday dinners accompanied by sweet pies; chocolate and sweet treats for the kids at Christmas; even just sugar and coffee to keep us going between planning parties, holiday shopping, work and more! This means more sugar in your diet, leading to possible tooth decay and weight gain – definitely something that everyone wants to avoid!

At Dr. John’s we offer a variety of xylitol products that allow you and your family to enjoy your favorite sweet treats this Christmas – and throughout the year – without sugar. Our xylitol products contain no sugar, and many are Kosher, Gluten Free, or free of artificial flavors – meaning that you’ll be able to find something to suit everyone on your list. Here are some of our favorite treats for the Christmas season.

Chocolates are an incredibly popular gift – making the perfect sweet stocking stuffer, or gift for the office. Our line of DecaDENTS chocolates includes Sea Salt caramel wrapped in dark chocolate, crunchy English-style toffee, caramel pecan turtles and more – all without sugar, and offering the great taste and oral health benefits of xylitol.

Every group has a few picky members, and it seems impossible to please everyone. Dr. John’s offers a variety of assorted sugar free candy choices, making it possible to please every guest! Our popular Simply Xylitol Assorted Sampler offers lollipops, hard candies, caramels and more, so that everyone will find something that they love. Another favorite for the holidays is our Tropical Mix Lollipops, offering refreshing fruit flavors that will remind you of summertime – even as it’s snowing outside!

Every holiday party features pastries, pies and other sweet treats. At Dr. John’s, we offer a substitute for sugar that not only tastes great, but substitutes for sugar at a 1:1 ratio and works well in many
recipes. Our Simply Xylitol sweetener is made from 100% USA Birch Xylitol and has a low glycemic index with only 15 calories per tablespoon, and promotes positive oral health. It’s never been easier to cut sugar from your diet and offer healthier cakes, pies and more to your guests with health concerns. Visit our blog for delicious xylitol recipes.

This holiday, load up on presents and time with friends and family – not excessive sugar. Dr. John’s makes it easy to enjoy sweet treats while cutting sugar and improving oral health! 


  1. When I had to do my science homework I learnt the USA is programmed to thirst for sweet. You thought the tobacco industry was bad, that's nothing compared to the grip Big Sugar has on the food market in the US.

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