Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tooth Friendly Treats on a Tree! Introducing the Lollipop Tree

Are you looking for a fun & colorful addition to your dental practice or office? How about providing your clients, customers and colleagues with sweet, sugar-free treats with a fun twist? Dr. John’s has just the thing to help spruce up your office and bring smiles to all!

Dr. John’s Lollipop Tree provides a perfect addition to any office! Available in both natural wood and painted white finishes, the Dr. John’s Lollipop tree makes a great way to store your tasty treats! Place it on your reception table or at your desk to encourage your clients and patients to take part in a healthier treat to keep those teeth looking and feeling great!

Each lollipop tree holds 54 lollipops, making it perfect for providing your patients with delicious xylitol lollipops! A tree topper including an invite to enjoy a lollipop is included. The fun, festive tree combined with oval or tooth shaped lollipops makes for an attractive addition to your office and is sure to be enjoyed by patients young and old. Dr. John’s offers more than 10 varieties of xylitol lollipops – tooth shaped and oval -- so you can offer a variety of treats your patients will be sure to love! Browse our selection of lollipops today to customize your  tree of healthy treats!


  1. Not a fan of the suckers, but the chocolate.........yummy!!!!!

    1. Glad to hear you enjoy our xylitol chocolates.

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