Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cherry Blossom Tooth Shaped Lollipops!

Are you looking for a unique sugar-free lollipop? Tired of the same old fruit flavors? How about something that will surprise your taste buds with an entirely new experience?

Dr. John’s Cherry Blossom Tooth Shaped Lollipops are a fun and delightfully flavored treat that will surprise your taste buds with an incredible flavor. Our new Cherry Blossom xylitol lollipops were inspired by the Japanese Sakura tree, having a light floral scent and an amazing, yet light, cherry flavor. These unique tooth-shaped treats are sure to be a pleasant surprise for your tastebuds!

The best part about this new, adventurous flavor is that it provides all the benefits of our other xylitol candy selections – offering the same oral health benefits as our line of tooth-shaped lollipops. Each Cherry Blossom lollipop offers 1 gram of xylitol, helping to inhibit tooth decay and increasing salivary flow, making them a perfect treat for those with dry mouth. There are no artificial sweeteners in this delicious lollipop, and the kid-friendly tooth-shape makes them the perfect treat after a trip to the dentist. The fun shape, enticing flavor, and dental health promoting qualities of Dr. John’s Cherry Blossom lollipops make them an excellent choice for dentist, physician, and health care offices alike.

This lollipop also makes the perfect candy for diabetics who are looking for a new, unique flavor; rather than the same tired sugar free candy options. Because of its extremely low glycemic index (xylitol has a GI of 7 compared to glucose’s GI of 100) there is no need to worry about spiking insulin levels.

If you’re looking for a change from the same boring flavors of artificially sweetened sugar free candy, Dr. John’s Cherry Blossom Lollipops deliver a unique flavor, without the harsh chemical aftertaste. Try one today!


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