Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Dentist That Owns a Candy Company?

It might sound like a plot out of a comedy – a dentist who actively promotes candy, telling his patients how great candy is and, gasp, even providing them with candy!

Dr. John Bruinsma, a practicing dentist, and his wife Debra, a dental hygienist founded Dr. John’s Candies in 1995.  Tooth decay is no laughing matter, thus Dr. John’s candies are quite different from the rest –  they’re actually healthy candy that's good for your pearly whites!

Several years later, after reading xylitol research and published studies confirming xylitol benefits, Dr. John began working on new candy formulations in the hopes of offering a sweet treat that might actually help fight tooth decay.

After much research and development, Dr. John’s Candies launched the Simply Xylitol product line and the Simply Xylitol Plan.  The Simply Xylitol Plan gives clear instruction on using Dr. John’s xylitol hard candies, lollipops, chocolates and more to achieve maximum oral health benefits.

“Simply asking patients to completely abandon their favorite sweets won’t bring about much change. Offering a wider selection of sugar free treats may increase patient compliance.” In addition to mints and gum, Dr. John’s provides more than 40 sweet indulgences, from tooth shaped lollipops to chocolate covered pecan caramels and more. “By giving people great tasting healthier choices, we believe many more will make the switch.” Today, Simply Xylitol treats are recommended by dental professionals worldwide.

Dr. John still runs a dental practice and sees patients. After their appointment, his patients get to choose a delicious xylitol treat from the lollipop tree. Next time you’re at the dentist and they hand you a Dr. John’s lollipop –  rest assured it is a sugar free treat made with you and your family in mind.