Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Who Knew Lollipops Could Be So Funny?

Dr. John hailed as the ‘Mama Celeste’ of lollipops by famed comedian Jim Gaffigan. 

We recently learned Gaffigan touted our sugar-free lollipops in his New York Times Best Seller Dad Is Fat. The book details the challenges of parenting according to Gaffigan’s perspective. It is filled with hilarious insights Gaffigan is famous for in his stand-up comedy routines. Dr. John is honored that Jim recommends Dr. John’s lollipops and appreciates the importance of giving his children healthier treats.

“I was surprised that he mentioned me and the lollipops in his book. Jim is a very funny guy and I’ve enjoyed his humor for years. He’s a comedian who can tell a story and make you laugh. It’s refreshing to know that ‘clean’ comedians still exist!” stated Bruinsma.

In addition to Gaffigan’s ‘Mama Celeste’ reference, the comedian refers to the our lollipops as ‘flavored muzzles’ noting his children’s affinity for the sugar-free treats. Gaffigan goes on to write “Dr. John makes sugar-free lollipops. (No, he did not pay me to write that. He does not even know who I am. I don’t even know if Dr. John is a real doctor or he even exists)” and added, “Dr. John, I think you should send me a case of sugar free lollipops as a reward for mentioning you.” 

Gaffigan found out recently that Dr. John is, in fact, a real doctor when the two met backstage after the comedian’s show at Meadowbrook in Rochester Hills, MI.
Dr. John brought family members and staff to Meadowbrook and enjoyed an evening of laughs that included a new twist on Gaffigan’s infamous Hot Pocket routine. Gaffigan’s staff generously provided complimentary tickets to the show.  Following his performance, the group was invited back to meet the comedian. Dr. John came prepared with a large bag filled with candy which Gaffigan noted immediately.

“How’d you like the plug? Is that my free candy?” Gaffigan quipped after being introduced to Dr. John. After a few photos, Gaffigan autographed his best-selling book for Dr. John. Bruinsma’s family and staff noted Gaffigan was a ‘very kind, down to Earth’ guy

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