Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Xylitol Gum Shown to Reduce Ear Infections in Young Children

Constant ear infections are the bane of any toddler’s mom’s existence.  But what if there were a gum that reduced ear infections, fought tooth decay, and was derived from natural ingredients?  Believe it or not, there is.  And moms are catching on. 

What is Xylitol?

Xylitol is a naturally occurring substance which has long been extracted from fruits, vegetables and birch trees to be used for health and wellness applications.  What’s unique about xylitol is its natural sweetness - making it a popular alternative to sugar - coupled with the singular way that it is processed in the body.

Table sugar, or sucrose, is converted in the mouth into acids, which eat away at tooth enamels.  Xylitol does not convert into acid, making it an excellent ingredient for sugar-free candy, gum, and mints; xylitol benefits include the sweet taste without the tooth decay.

Even more intriguing, multiple studies performed over the past four years have shown strong evidence that chewing xylitol gum several times a day can significantly reduce ear infections in preschool-aged children.  To any mom of a young child, that is pretty amazing news.  A recommended dose of about 1.8 - 2.0 grams of xylitol per piece, chewed five times a day, is believed to reduce the risk of ear infections by 25-40%.  The xylitol appears to deter the growth of bacteria that can cause these infections.

Is It Worth Trying?

For a young child prone to developing ear infections with every cough, cold, or sniffle, this decrease in ear infections would make a real difference - and not just in the pain and discomfort that accompany this common childhood ailment.  It also could mean reducing the amount of antibiotics ingested by each child every fall and winter by 25-40%.  And keeping the number and frequency of ear infections under control can also mean the difference in whether a two-year-old needs to be placed under general anesthetic for a surgery to insert draining tubes into his inner ears.

Dr. John’s® Simply Xylitol® gum made with birch xylitol is proving to be a popular choice for moms who prefer a natural solution to help prevent ear infections in their young children.  The great taste makes it easy to administer, and moms can rest easy that the gum is not promoting tooth decay - in fact, xylitol research shows gram-level dosages have been shown to reduce the development of cavities in children and adults.  One caveat: the gum should be chewed regularly as a preventative measure - if you wait until your child is already coming down with a cold to begin a regimen of xylitol gum, you’ll be too late.  Better to make this a regular habit, and keep those ears safe rather than sorry.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Sweet & Fun Dental Care Treats – Tooth Shaped Lollipops

For many dentists, it’s hard to figure out what to give kids after their dental appointments. Providing children with a sweet treat will make them happy, and help them enjoy rather than fear a trip to the dentist. But sugar isn’t good for those little teeth that were just inspected and cleaned! Having something unique and tasty in your office will help both adults and kids enjoy coming in for their checkups.

Candy made with xylitol makes the perfect treat for a doctor’s, dentist’s, or orthodontist’s office; as well as for parents looking for a delicious, healthy treat for their kids. Dr. John’s has expanded their line of tooth shaped lollipops that are sure to please kids and adults alike! These sugar free xylitol lollipops come in a variety of flavors, including our Natural Fruit Medley assortment featuring the juicy summer flavors of Watermelon, Strawberry, Sweet Peach and Green Apple. 

Why Dr. John’s Simply Xylitol Tooth Shaped Lollipops?
  • Dr. John’s Tooth Shaped Lollipops are sweetened naturally with USA made birch xylitol, unlike some other xylitol candies which use xylitol derived from corn.
  • No artificial sweeteners or sugar are used in Dr. John’s lollipops. Unlike artificial sweeteners, xylitol is naturally derived and is safe for consumption by everyone from infants to the elderly. Xylitol contains 40% less calories than sugar and has a low glycemic index (7), making it ideal for diabetics and those with hyperglycemia.
  • Natural flavors and colors! Dr. John’s has several flavors of tooth shaped lollipops made using the finest natural flavors and colors. Simply look for the word Natural in the name.
  • A delicious Kosher lollipop? You bet! These tooth shaped lollipops meet all kosher dietary guidelines, making them ideal for those observing religious dietary restrictions.
  • Dr. John’s tooth shaped lollipops are gluten free lollipops, making them a great option for those with celiac disease.
  • Last, but not least – dental benefits! Scientific evidence has shown that 6-10 grams of xylitol per day significantly reduces the incidence of plaque buildup and tooth decay in both children and adults! Make each of lollipop last 5 minutes or more for the best results. Dr. John’s lollipops contain 1 gram of xylitol each.
  • These delicious tooth shaped lollipops are available in 6.3 oz, 1 lb., 2.5 lb. and 5 lb. packages – approximately 48 lollipops per pound.

When you order $50 of Dr. John’s xylitol treats – including lollipops, gourmet chocolates, gum and more,  you’ll receive free candy with your order! And when you order $175 of treats from Dr. John’s, you’ll receive free shipping AND free candy!

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Best Candy for Diabetics – Sugar Free & Naturally Sweetened

According to the US Center for Disease Control, 25.8 million people in the United States – or about 9% of the country’s population – have been diagnosed with diabetes, with 2 million new cases last year alone. Millions are affected by diabetes, but there are ways to manage it and maintain your health. For those affected with diabetes, sugar intake should be minimal; sometimes curtailed entirely.

We’re all aware that too much sugar is bad for you – causing tooth decay, weight gain and blood sugar issues. There’s a variety of sugar substitutes available on the market which allow diabetics and people otherwise sensitive to sugar to be able to enjoy sweetness in their food and drink. Step into any grocery store, and you’ll find a plethora of sugar-free products including sugar free candy, snacks and beverages. But there’s a common misconception – just because something is ‘sugar free’ does not necessarily mean it’s actually GOOD for you.

When sugar is removed from a product, it typically has to be replaced with something. Many foods without sugars use fats to add flavor - which clearly isn’t a healthy alternative. Often, sugar is replaced with artificial sweeteners, including saccharin or aspartame. These products are not naturally derived, and there are some questions of the health risks with artificial sweeteners. Most people don’t know where artificial sweeteners come from.

The good news is that there’s another option… Xylitol. 100% natural, made in the USA under the strictest safety conditions, and tastes great; xylitol lacks the funky chemical aftertaste of many ‘diet’ and sugar-free products. It’s even good for your teeth!

Xylitol candy, sweetener and other xylitol products are already popular in Europe and Japan, and are swiftly gaining popularity in the United States. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol derived from birch trees, fruits and vegetable sources, and has 40% fewer calories than sugar.  Because Xylitol has a low glycemic index of 7 (compared to a GI of 100 for table sugar) it is perfect for use in diabetic friendly sweets. Xylitol is absorbed into the body at a much slower rate than sugar, which helps prevent sugar rushes or crashes. An analysis published in the Journal of Dental Research shows that there is a significant link between a reduction in the incidence of cavities and tooth decay with the use of xylitol. Xylitol also increases saliva production, which helps to treat dry mouth, a common symptom of diabetes.

While not widely commercially available yet, many specialty stores and online retailers carry a selection of Dr. John’s Simply Xylitol products, allowing diabetics and those looking to avoid excess sugar to enjoy their favorite treats. Xylitol sweetener is available in pure form, to be substituted for sugar in cooking and baking, and other products such as flavored coffee sweeteners, hard candies, caramels and chocolate.  Using Xylitol ensures that diabetics and sugar sensitive individuals can still enjoy all their favorite indulgences!

If you’re curious, you can learn more about Xylitol at Dr.John’s FAQ page or shop for Xylitol products at We hope you give this amazing sweetener a try!